Does your memory tend to abandon you at crucial moments? Do you have trouble learning foreign languages or courses? Do you find it difficult to follow a speech and take notes at the same time? It’s not surprising really, considering the way it is believed we retain information. Take a look at the following graph, it shows you how well we remember after a period of learning:



Frightening, isn’t is? If you don’t do anything with the information you have acquired, you will remember less than 5 percent of it after more than 48 hours. What needs to be done to keep the information in your mind is regular repetition.

How can Brainmapping help with this? Well, instead of forcing the brain to fit to the information, Brainmapping will transform the information so it will fit to your brain. By doing so, it increases the efficiency of information storage.

Brainmapping is a way of recording information in a non-linear way. Keywords are filtered out from the information and are set out on a piece of paper. Not under one another, but in a structured way with the core keyword in the middle and all others around it, linked to the core by various associations. This piece of paper, although very chaotic to the outsider, will be a good representation of how the information is recorded in your mind. It will be a map for retrieving what you have learned.

After the training (2 days) you will be able to:

  • retain figures, names (of people), and data better and for longer than before
  • learn to see and make better associations/connections between things
  • learn to develop your visual memory better
  • see fewer obstacles to creative thinking
  • learn to use all your senses in a better way and to a greater extent